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a.k.a. sBeam

Run Crash!

Platform: Sony Playstation 1
Release date: 2021

Code: Peter Boné (sBeam)
Additional Graphics: Peter Boné (sBeam)
Music: Marc van den Bovenkamp (No-XS)
Dev tools: C, MIPS Assembly, Sony Psy-Q SDK, Blender 3D, Python for custom blender exporter

I wanted to try doing some oldschool 3d like it was 1999, so i dug up an old PC from that era, installed Windows 98 and the original SDK from Sony.

To run the code on a real Playstation, i attached an Action Replay cartridge to it and flashed it with a special firmware, allowing me to upload and run code on it directly from the Windows 98 PC.

For debugging i had a crude text stream routed back through the Action Replay to the PC, which was better than nothing. Additionally i used the NO$PSX emulator/debugger for troubleshooting some of my MIPS assembly.

For the animation sequence i created my own 3d animation file format, optimized for displaying animations quickly on the PSX. I created a custom Blender 3D exporter, to be able to export the format directly from Blender.


The demo won #2 place in the Wild competition at the Revision 2021 demo party.