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Real name: Peter Boné
Born: 1981
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Education: BEng. @ DTU

Hi whoever googled me :)


I've been programming since i got my first Commodore 64 when i was 11. Starting with simple games i quickly evolved to demos, trainers, and virus coding when i started playing with my dads 286 PC.

In 1999 i got my first job in the games industry, working on the classic danish game series Hugo The Troll (Skærmtrolden Hugo), where i started doing QA work, but quickly evolved to doing various coding, porting and localization work.

Throughout the years i have worked on everything from MMO games to video streaming and audio equipment firmware, but always kept my childhood passion for games.

These days i have fun programming games and demos for all my old machines and consoles - Gameboy and Playstation for example.

I prefer coding in:

Assembly, C , C++ (<=17)

But also fluent in:

C#, Swift, Objective-C, Python

Worked with: (in abstract terms)

UI, video streaming, graphics engines, desktop applications, mobile apps, network clients, firmware.


PC (DOS, Windows, Linux)
Gameboy (DMG + GBA)
Nintendo DS
Playstation 1

..and a lot of microprocessors, both modern and retro.

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