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of Peter Boné
a.k.a. sBeam


As you can see/hear there is a wide spread in genres and quality of these tracks. I tend to make music in shorter periods now and then, so sometimes i'm a bit rusty, and sometimes i'm filled with inspiration and energy.

I think i must have around 100 unfinished tracks lying around, so here's only a brief selection of some i think is worth hearing. I use the following hardware / software:

New stuff from 2011

 Travelling (short test) - A little preview of a tune i am working on with a friend of mine. Inspired by Lykke-Li, Fallulah and Royksopp.
 Os herinde - A trance tune i did on a sunday evening, after playing with my son all day on a perfect spring day.
 Mod Solnedgangen (sbeams slow-fi remix) - Nik & Jay remix i did for a danish radio program called Unga Bunga
 Fredagsguitar - House experiment with real guitar :)

Old (pre 2000, please don't listen :P) more or less finished tracks:

 Wanna be a wannabe - Great groovy house tune :)
 Snowstorm - Weird melancholic track with guitar by my friend SKG.
 Bring back elvis - Melodic trance
 Mystiq - Hardtrance
 Old - extra dry, suitable for all ages! (ping pong track with Joachim)
 Hvem er det jeg danser med (Joachim Michaelis remix) - Joachip and his mighty robots has taken control!
 Dear Sinus - House tune as well, with female vocals!

 Live house session - Has become an everlasting classic amongst my friends for some reason.
 Green leather couch - A live thing i did at a party once. Might be a bit noisy!