Personal homepage
of Peter Boné
a.k.a. sBeam


Here you will find some of my recent hobby projects. I did tons of prototypes, demos, and half finished games on various platforms throughout the years, but all a big mess not worth showcasing here i think.

I use GitHub for hosting the source code for some of my projects, so you might find something of interest there:


MegaBoy (WIP) Nintendo Gameboy Emulator.

Platform: PC
Tech: C++, SDL, ImGUI
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MegaTinyEngine (WIP) Simple C++ game engine, written as a series of tutorials.

Platform: PC
Tech: C++, SDL
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Run Crash! (2021) demo.

Platform: Sony Playstation 1
Tech: C, MIPS Assembly, Sony Psy-Q SDK
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Super Space Fuel Inc. (2020) - Match-3 puzzle game.

Platform: DOS / EGA
Tech: C, x86 assembly
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Mooncat's Trio (2018) Breakout-style game.

Platform: Gameboy Advance
Tech: C for the game, Python for tools
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Mega Table Trainer (2016) Math puzzle game.

Platform: Cross platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux)
Tech: C++
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