Personal homepage
of Peter Boné
a.k.a. sBeam


Here you will find some of my various hobby projects.


Mooncat's Trio is a Breakout-style game for the Gameboy Advance.

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Mega Table Trainer is a cross platform math puzzle game, designed to train you in the multiplaication tables.

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Apart from the commercial games i have worked on, i could seriously write an entire book about all the small games and prototypes i have made throughout the years. None of them big finished productions, but as some of you might know, it’s not always easy to be a full-time programmer during the day, and work on your hobby projects during the night.

I focus a lot on gameplay and the experience and feeling a game gives you, so i love experimenting with this, and iterating on something until it just feels right.


I love to mess around with really low-level stuff, and make my own small retro gaming inspired hardware.

I have used the AVR microprocessors for a lot of my projects, mainly because of the tools available (avr-gcc etc.), but also because i really like their architecture compared to PIC.

Right: A living LED flowerbed i hacked together from an old soccer stadium display, for a dance performance on an old thug boat in the Copenhagen Harbour. As the evening progressed the flowers slowly grew up, bloomed, died and spawned new flowers.

Below: An early prototype of my handheld micro-console running a Space Invaders clone i coded for it.