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of Peter Boné
a.k.a. sBeam


Platform: PC
Dev tools: C++17, SDL

A simple C++ game engine, written as a series of tutorials.

The primary goals of the engine are:

  • Simplicity (one developer can have full overview of the entire codebase)
  • Productivity (get things moving on the screen with simple c++, no fancy stuff)
  • Platform abstraction (easily run your game on Linux, Mac, Windows, game consoles,mobile, etc.)

  • There are a lot of engines out there, many of which are really big and complex. This engines goal is to create a simple and portable engine, for quickly creating small 2D games in a C++ flavour everyone can understand, both for shipping, game jams and experimentation.

    The full source for all the chapters can be found at

    Chapter 1: Skeleton and SDL abstraction