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a.k.a. sBeam

Mooncat's Trio

Platform: Gameboy Advance
Graphics: All graphics be my. Made using Grafx2 and Pyxel.
Music: Music by Bernd Hoffmann (Dascon of Desire)
Dev tools: C for the game, Python for the build and asset toolchain. ARM-GCC compiler.

Mooncat's Trio is my attempt at making a game for the Gameboy Advance. Graphics and programming is done by me, while the music is made by my friend Bernd Hoffman a.k.a. Dascon of Desire (for those of you familiar with the demoscene).

The easiest way to try the game, is by running it in an emulator such as mGBA.

Download: Coming soon! I will release the final game at the Revision 2018 demoparty.

In the video below, you can see it running on real hardware.