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Mooncat's Trio

Platform: Gameboy Advance
Release date: April 5th, 2018

Graphics: Peter Boné a.k.a. (sBeam / Desire)
Music: Bernd Hoffmann (Dascon / Deadliners^Desire^Haujobb)

Dev tools: C for the game, Python for the build and asset toolchain. ARM-GCC compiler.

Mooncat's Trio is my attempt at making a game for the Gameboy Advance. Graphics and programming is done by me, while the music is made by my friend Bernd Hoffman a.k.a. Dascon of Desire (for those of you familiar with the demoscene).

I attended the Revision 2018 demo party, where the game got #3 place in the Game competition.

Is it free?

The game is free, and you can copy it as much as you like. If you enjoy it, i'm happy. However, i used over a year of looong evenings on it, so any "thank you" mail or just a tiny tip to my paypal account will really make my day, and motivate me to keep making games for old consoles, free without all the modern irritations like ads and in-app purchases :)

Thank you for so much for your interest in my game. <3


Rom file: mooncat.gba


The game got reviewed in Retro Gamer Magazine issue 183

In the video below, you can see it running on real hardware.