Personal homepage
of Peter Boné
a.k.a. sBeam

Super Space Fuel Inc.

Platform: DOS (EGA)
Release date: 2021

Code: Peter Boné (sBeam)
Graphics: Richard Schmidbauer (VisionVortex)
Additional Graphics: Peter Boné (sBeam)
Music: Marc van den Bovenkamp (No-XS)
Adlib Player: Jens-Christian Huus (JCH)

Dev tools: Borland Turbo C.

Super Space Fuel Inc. is my homeage to all the early PC EGA games i grew up playing.

Even though they are technically limited compared to the later VGA games, i just really loved the EGA look and the memories it triggered in me.

It was also really fun to develop something for a planar graphics mode, and really dig into old litterature about EGA. Along the way i read Programmers Guide to the EGA, VGA and Super VGA cards and found an old copy of Michael Abrash's Black Book of Graphics Programming in a charity shop in the US, that i had to get a friend to pick up and mail me (Thanks Tim!).

Everything is developed directly on a 486@33Mhz in Turbo C.